Online and Mobile Casino

The growth of the Internet as a public resource completely revolutionized how we do things; among them how we play casino games. Where once one had to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino to enjoy their favorite game of roulette or blackjack, today all that is served on a computer or mobile screen.

Early adoption

The casino industry is always lining up to adopt new inventions and innovations; it was no different with internet gaming. Slots were the first category of casino games to be rolled out onto the internet. This is because of the ease of transforming the real-life slot machine into an online model.

Slot machines use reels and are user operated. Thus, writing the software for such games proved much easier than creating games that require a dealer and user to actualize.


That is not to, however, belittle the process of creating slots for the online audience. For starters, the software for creation was not as advanced as it is now. Still, the work required top-level security to ensure it wouldn’t be tampered with by fraudsters.

Once slots were actualized, and as software advancement occurred, it became possible to create other games for use over the internet. The introduction of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for instance, made it easier to protect client data from theft. This alone worked to earn players’ trust and has made online casino gaming widely popular.

Mobile casino

The popularity of the mobile phone in internet access has had a telling effect on online casino gaming too. First, the devices have opened up markets that are able to access casino games exponentially. People who may not be able to afford or operate computers are more likely to use mobile phones to access the Internet.

The handy nature of mobile phones also means that they can be used wherever; whenever. Instead of playing casino games from a fixed station, thus, enthusiasts are able to remotely play their favorite games even when they are traveling. Mobile versions of the gaming platforms are also made in a simplified manner that is easy for all and sundry to understand.