Casino betting and the law

Casino betting has been one of the most watched businesses over the years. Governments all over the world never were absolutely comfortable with gaming, often classifying it among ‘sins’ and taxing it heavily. The landscape has experienced some relaxation in the modern world. This is partly due to liberalization in many areas and the rise of the harder-to-regulate online casino betting.

Still, it is important to understand the specific relationship between casinos and governments in a particular area before embarking on the guilty pleasure.


Countries that allow betting within their boundaries do it under strict regulations to protect their citizenry. To achieve this, they require casinos to meet certain criteria before they are allowed to operate. Always care to check whether a casino is licensed before playing in it.

Most casinos will display their license number and the name of their licensing body on their website or conspicuously in their premises. Even when the casino you are betting in is based overseas, it is always wise to check on its licenses. This makes it easy to know whether you are dealing with a legit house and the channels to follow in case you have a complaint.


Most governments do not ta players when they win in casinos. This is because gambling is classified as a leisure activity. Rather, authorities often tighten the tax noose against the casinos themselves.

However, some governments do classify winnings above a certain amount as income and subject them to taxes. There are also cases where players are classified as professional gamblers and their winnings have to give Ceaser his cut. It is always important to check the tax system of the house and region you are playing in.

Currency exchange

Though not directly a tax, exchange rates can often come in the way of enjoyable casino gaming. Keep an eye on the currencies accepted in the gaming houses you are exploring and, if your domestic money is not among them, the cost of the exchange process. This should not be a problem for long, however, with the use of cryptocurrencies taking root.